Suda Masaki’s debut post on Weibo!



Hello to all the fans in China, nice to meet you, I am Suda Masaki.
I have started using Weibo. Will convey my messages to everyone via Weibo. Thank you for the support thus far. Please continue your support.

#LOVE release#

4 thoughts on “Suda Masaki’s debut post on Weibo!

  1. I saw the picture yesterday with the email notification but now that I come here I just realized… the hair. that’s kinda new, right? does that mean a new project? aaaaaa

    1. Well he is definitely filming Ito now thus the change in hairstyle? 🤔 He was hiding it until the event yesterday.

      1. aa… so that’s that. just think that it’s unusual. like the overall look is different or something… now I’m excited. but I checked asianwiki and Ito is slotted for 2020. 😔. why is suda so addicting anyway. 🤔.

        1. Yup he rarely keeps it this short unless the role demands it. Can’t be the next gintama movie since shinpachi’s hair isn’t that short.

          Excited for Ito’s pairing too!

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