『Aa, Kouya』 Premiere Aftertalk

Suda Masaki, Denden and Yusuke Santamaria had a talk session after 『Aa, Kouya』 premiere which was aired on Periscope on 28 Aug 2017.  They responded to the shortlisted questions from Twitter. You can watch it…

…or store it for keepsake✌?

『Aa, Kouya』 Premiere Aftertalk
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Random snippets

  • Suda was asked how he trained his body. He said to eat a lot firstly, beyond one’s normal portion. He also drank protein that commensurated with the intensity of the training. He suggested grapefruits (I think?) because one could choose to mix with milk instead of water. His undying love for milk would never waver. There were also periods where he needed to starve to allow the muscles to form.
  • Denden and Yusuke were asked to choose between Shinji and Barikan as their main disciple. For boxing, Shinji. As their driver, Barikan. Suda was the one who out-of-the-blue asked about driving.
  • Looks like Suda started filming 『Gintama』 while there was about 1/3 left for『Aa, Kouya』. Yusuke was impressed by how he was portraying 2 drastically different characters at the same time.Suda as Shinpachi: Gin-chan!
    Suda as Shinji: I will destroy you!

    Even so, Suda still didn’t felt like throwing in his towel (i.e. giving up).

  • The movie is rated R15 for…showing too much flesh? =D The trio highly recommended to judge it for yourself.

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