『Aa, Kouya』 Premiere

『Aa, Kouya』 held its premiere for both movies on 27 Aug 2017 at Marunouchi Piccadilly. Suda Masaki, Yang Ik-June, Kinoshita Akari, Moro Morooka, Konno Anna, Yamada Yuki, Denden, Kimura Tae, Yusuke Santamaria and Director Kishi Yoshiyuki attended the stage greeting. It was also aired live via Periscope, and you can still watch it again…

…or store it for keepsake✌? 

『Aa, Kouya』 Premiere
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Random snippets

  • Suda couldn’t believe that he failed to break the paper wall with one punch, leading to a longer-than-expected entrance ceremony.
  • During his introduction, Suda said to treat this movie like minions to encourage people to watch it.
  • Shinji (Suda) and Barikan (Yang) were supposed to be of the same weight class. However, the actors had a drastic difference of 20 kg as Suda was only 50+ kg while Yang was 70+ kg. Hence, Suda had to gain weight and contrariwise for Yang to reach 60+ kg.
  • During filming, Kimura (Shinji’s mother, Kyoko) wanted to talk to Suda more but her role was to be a detached mother. She couldn’t wait to tell Suda that she enjoyed his role in 『Tamiou』 and didn’t dislike 『Setoutsumi』. Suda was surprised that she was actually loquacious and restrained herself back then.
  • After about 3 minutes of greeting each other, Suda and Kinoshita (Shinji’s girlfriend, Yoshiko) had to film the scenes where they were naked.
  • As the boxing scenes were long, the actors continued acting even though they were hit by their opponents. Director Kishi added for the audience to watch out for their good bodies.
  • The audience got to take photos of the cast for 5 seconds. Suda started the countdown while the emcee was still talking =D

For those who are still interested in the video reports:
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