Stage Greeting for 『Aa, Kouya』 Prequel Release Day

Suda Masaki felt embarrassed by the entrance ceremony. After the round of introductions, the cast (and the director) answered a series of questions. Yang Ik-June loved the shower scenes. He had to shower a lot with Suda. So much so that he confessed to Suda, and the latter went on to comment that it was time to inform their companies of their relationship =D

The cast also commented on how adorable Yang was during filming. So much so that they were 2 heroines instead, Yoshiko (Kinoshita Akari’s role) and Barikan (Yang’s role).

Regarding another sequel, Suda couldn’t decide if he wanted one. Yang decided ‘YES’ for him. Yusuke Santamaria remarked that he understood Suda’s dilemma, and those who watched both parts or completed the novel would understand the reason. However, it was a definite yes to work with the cast again for another movie.

Once again, Suda ended his speech by encouraging the audience to enjoy this movie as though they were watching minions.

Here is a compilation of the video reports:

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