Stage Greeting for 『Aa, Kouya』 Sequel Release Day

This stage greeting, attended by Director Kishi Yoshiyuki and Suda Masaki, was held on the release day of 『Aa, Kouya』 sequel at Shinjuku Piccadilly, which was also the one that we went to =D

It was early in the morning but that didn’t stop Suda from teasing Director Kishi, who was spacing out. As filming ended over a year ago, Suda couldn’t remember most of the incidents mentioned by Director Kishi. Poor Director Kishi~

The intense boxing scenes with Yuji and Barikan were filmed over 5 days consecutively. So intense that Suda, who was filming Jimi ni Sugoi! DX next, had high fever. Ishihara Satomi = Koetsu Girl (proofreader girl) vs. Suda = Kounetsu Boy (high fever boy). It was such a smooth pun that the audience couldn’t resist applauding, which Suda retorted that it was nothing to be proud of.

TOSHI-LOW from BRAHMAN was the special guest. He (and his band) sang the theme song, Konya, and he sang it live at the request of the emcee. He invited Suda to sing this song at their live.

Here is a compilation of the video reports:

And a bonus TV report!

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