Asaichi & Suda Masaki Part 2

Earlier, I mentioned that it was a short segment on Asaichi but we weren’t short of photos. Suda Masaki was actually the guest for the entire show! ジェ is always running short on time so here are some not-to-be-missed segments:

– Ii Naomasa from behind the scene of 『Onna Joushu Naotora』. He talked about challenges of filming a period drama (e.g. unable to use international words), interesting incidents with the cast members, meeting Hiyokko cast who were finishing their parts, working with Shibasaki Kou (the heroine, Ii Naotora. who was also his adopted mother)

– A walk down memory lane from the day that Suda participated in a magazine audition, and how he laughed at himself for…being so young?!

– Oguri Shun’s message (where the news platforms reported on Suda’s personality and the infamous family trip).
– Oguri called Suda ‘Masakiss’, likened him to a cat, and had no idea what he was thinking most of the time.
– As mentioned in my tweets, Suda travelled with Oguri and his family for a day, and the former felt like he was the oldest son. Oguri retorted that he was way too old to be his oldest son. He commented that Suda sometimes became cold when one got too close to him, and it was a difficult trait to manage. Even the hosts found that Oguri wanted Suda to be amai (hmmm it is like a mix of childish and kittenish in a good way) so that he could be an indulgent parent to Suda =D Suda wondered when he was cold to Oguri. Suda mentioned that Yamada Yu was like his mama (mother).
– Oguri also commented that he was like a high school student, who carries a bag of stuff bought from the convenience stores, to the filming sessions every time.
– There was once Suda implored Oguri to let him attend the latter’s friend birthday celebration. Oguri agreed as he felt that Suda was very stressed by work at that time. He wore a t-shirt that stated ‘THE END’, which was unsuitable for a happy occasion.

– Origin of masakiss: Suda had a photobook named Sudamasakiss. It was released around the time he met Oguri, hence the nickname.

– Suda wearing a R-rated yukata.

– Suda who would do everything he could (for some reason staff were laughing in the background).

– Suda’s 3 R-rated movies: 『Tomogui』, 『Soko Nomi Nite Hikari Kagayaku』 and 『Aa, Kouya』.

– Suda training hard to be Shinji in 『Aa, Kouya』, so much so that his body wanted to collapse. He had abs for the first time.

– Suda who is still close to his 2 younger brothers and maintains a group chat. Back then when high school Suda had to head to Tokyo to film 『Kamen Rider W』, his brothers panicked and wondered where Suda disappeared to (he was unable to reveal the news to them then) yet their parents were happy about his absence.

– 4 commandments from Suda’s father.

– Suda making clothes.

– Fans sending in their drawings and questions. Suda commented that one of the Naomasa became a modern gangster.
– A 54-year old fan wrote that Suda reminded her of what she wanted to do in her youth.
– Another fan in her 50s wrote about Suda’s increased popularity with women in their 50s recently, and hoped that he wasn’t troubled by it. Suda immediately responded that age didn’t matter.
– Suda hoped to have 3 kids while his father wanted his sons to have a total of 9 kids so that he could play baseball with his grandchildren.
– Suda couldn’t take roller coasters, even aeroplanes were challenging.


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