Happy DARS Day

Morinaga has released 3 new 15-second commercials of Suda Masaki with its DARS chocolate bars. Pure red Suda vs. Cool black Suda vs. Mysterious White Suda – who do you like best?

Red Version

Red Version (with Japanese subtitles)

Black Version

Black Version (with Japanese subtitles)

White Version

White Version (with Japanese subtitles)

There is also an [ongoing campaign] limited to those staying in Japan where you can purchase DARS and send in applications to stand a chance to win the following prizes:

A – 1 3-minute hourglass (100 winners)

B –  Set of 3 QUO cards with 500 yen value (1,000 winners)

C – 1 QUO card with 500 yen value (2,000 winners)

Let us know your thoughts!