『Gintama』 Big Hit Stage Greetings

While the videos were spreading like wild fire, I was busy translating the tweets as accurately as possible. While the official twitter were posting updates fervently, I was happily stuck in a cinema watching 『Gintama』 =D Whether you are a fan of 『Gintama』  or not, it is a movie that makes you laugh thoroughly. Definitely setting the standards for blockbuster adaptations this year! Please watch it in the cinemas if possible!

Adding on to the tweets which were roughly translated earlier:

  • Suda Masaki sewed the huge 福 (fuku) kanji on the orange top for Director Fukuda Yuichi’s birthday last year. It was sown on during his journey from Tokyo to Hiroshima. Director Fukuda was very touched when he received it, took a photo and tweeted about it then. He wanted to wear it during the stage greeting on 『Gintama』’s release day but he calculated the probability of having a stage greeting with just the two of them and didn’t wear it until today. Likely a lie =D Even Suda thought so. Suda also mentioned that it was tough to find tops suitable for Director Fukuda…because he was huge. Director Fukuda agreed and added that Suda actually gave him 3 tops then. Since it was the first time Director Fukuda was wearing it, Suda took a photo…with a camera and not his mobile phone! He came prepared, huh? Anyway they realised that they had digressed too much again.
  • Suda saw someone who held a sign that it was her birthday and congratulated her. That was when Director Fukuda asked for his/her name. Suda went “Fu~ta~ba~” in Hanazawa Rui style (please watch the movie or Hana Yori Dango to understand why this was mentioned over and over again) and tilted his head adorably.
  • Suda was requested to wear glasses because it was Shinpachi Special for this stage greeting. The emcee commented on how cool Suda was with the glasses while Director Fukuda continued that he would just look like an old man with that round glasses. That was why they exchanged glasses. Suda remarked that [Director Fukuda’s son looked just like him].
  • Director Fukuda had faith that Suda would be able to portray Shinpachi well from the start. Despite his onscreen demeanor, Suda was normally soft. Just like Shinpachi who could be easily teased. For once, on the first day of filming, he ran up to Director Fukuda excitedly and said that it was finally a role that suits him. Suda had a fun time filming. So much so that he stayed behind to watch Oguri Shun, Arai Hirofumi, etc. to film, cheered and praised them to boost their morale. It was essential for Oguri who would improve with praises.
  • ジェ will continue later as she is starting to hear only what she wants to hear. Please enjoy the videos and Suda’s cuteness in the meantime.

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