Green Boys’ Goods

6 new Green Boys’ items are now available for preorder on [TOPCOAT Online Shop]. The goods will be released on 26 Jan 2017 (except the smartphone cases which are already released on 20 Jan 2017), and can only be shipped to a Japanese address.

Coach’s Jacket (M/L sizes) & Nylon Bag@7,500yen

White T-shirt (S/M/L sizes)@3,000yen

Smartphone Case (Notebook Type; S/M/L sizes)@4,320yen

iPhone 5/6/7 Case (Hard Case Type)@3,240-3,456yen

Galaxy S5/S6 Case (Hard Case Type)@3,240-3,456yen

Xperia Z3/Z5 Case (Hard Case Type)@3,456yen

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