Kayou Surprise

Decided to share the full episode too.

  • When Suda Masaki pondered the question on what he wanted to do most at that point in time, Wentz Eiji offered to respond first but Suda interrupted him with “barbeque” and a playful laughter. Poor Wentz couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Suda wanted barbeque because it was summer, and he liked summer.
  • At the monjayaki store, the owner couldn’t help too but laugh at Suda’s carbonara monja over the phone because he thought Suda would go for the more popular choices like mentaiko cheese monja. Anyway it was delicious but it wasn’t epic =D Nonetheless, Suda liked it since he likes milk so much so that milk is suitable with anything to him. Even at home, his father would always ask if he wanted milk with the meal. Wentz named his father Uncle Milk. Suda: “That’s my parent you are talking about! I’m Uncle Milk’s son!” Wentz got his revenge?
  • Suda wanted to have a parfait so Wentz said that he (and the crew) would wait for him on the other side of the road while Suda attempted to obtain consent from the store owner. He ran across the road while the camera tried to capture his attempt from a distance. Wentz definitely got his revenge? Haha. By the way, please take a good look at Suda’s expression when his Skytree parfait arrived. He was totally in love with it~

Kayou Surprise
Decryption Key: !NGgSGMOTlRRDvLiLRcN1bpCesII9J8C8KpXNUxUwYdo
(password: his birthday + date that this episode was aired)

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  1. is the format for his birthday and the date this episode was aired ddmmyyyy? also, is the date this episode was aired the day this post was posted?

      1. Sorry to bother but the pw is incorrect even though I used the yyyymmdd format for both his birthday and the date the episode was aired?

        1. It is the sum of the 2 dates so the password has only 8 digits. If not, please try to unzip with another program, e.g. 7-zip. Hope it works this time!

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