72nd Mainichi Film Awards Ceremony

The ceremony of the 72nd Mainichi Film Awards was held on 15 Feb 2018 at Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall, where Suda Masaki received the Best Actor award.『Aa, Kouya』 also won the Best Japanese Film award.

Here is a compilation of the video reports:

And a TV report from Mezamashi. The emcee commented that the media had been talking about how 2017 was the year (pronounced as ‘iya-‘) for Suda Masaki, which Suda asked if it meant ‘no more please’ (‘iya-‘ is a slang from ‘iyada’ which has multiple meanings but generally means no). Witty Suda in action!
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Last but not least is the unedited version of the definitive moment:

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