niko and …

As mentioned previously, Suda Masaki and Komatsu Nana have been selected to endorse niko and … since 9 Mar 2018. The concept is “a chance encounter” as written in the main banner on the [official website].

The first story, titled “you and notebook and coffee and”, is about a chance encounter between a barista (Suda) and a customer (Komatsu).

Full version

30s version

15s version (Suda)

niko and … unsparingly shows us how awkward Suda was with a cat compared to Komatsu.


niko and … also unsparingly tells us what Suda was wearing so that we can purchase online or from the stores.

Last but not least are the video interviews with Suda and Komatsu on niko and … and working together again.

(password hint: the url of the homepage. change to the usual extension after unzipping.)

The two last collaborated in 『Oboreru Knife』  as a couple beyond a friendship but less than a relationship. Let’s look forward to more chemistry in future commercials!

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