『Oboreru Knife』 Uncut Scenes

We got to see the filming process of certain scenes, and here are ones with Suda Masaki. Enjoy!

Natsume Yukata Date + Kou Fire Festival + Searching for Natsume Chapters (watermarked)
(password hint: sum of the release date + his birthday. change to the usual extension after unzipping.)

6 thoughts on “『Oboreru Knife』 Uncut Scenes

  1. hello, can i know, the release date is that means the movie release date? because i try to sum the date but can’t open it,,.

  2. Hi, I’m also having trouble extracting the file TT_TT I believe I got the dates and numbers right but I keep getting errors. It’s yyyymmdd right?

    1. That’s right – mathematically sum the 2 mentioned dates so the eventual password has 8 digits.

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