Professional – Watanabe Mayumi

Professional is a documentary that follows selected professionals for around 2 to 3 months and features episodes on how their work intertwines with their lives. This episode is on Watanabe Mayumi who is the president of TOPCOAT i.e. Suda Masaki’s boss. It talks about the extent of freedom that TOPCOAT artistes have in choosing their productions, as long as they make regular reports and discuss with the staff when they need help. E.g. when Suda was thinking about the music industry.

Suda appeared several times throughout the documentary. He called her Mayumi-san. He mentioned that the friends that he made after debut while in high school were still the same, i.e. Yamazaki Kento, Nakano Taiga and Mamiya Shotaro. They are also rivals as much as they are friends. Their competitiveness was more apparent when they were younger as one would stop contacting the other when one was envious of the other’s work (e.g. when one saw that the other was selected for a movie). Suda also composed an impromptu birthday song for her and Kimura Yoshino. There was a scene where Watanabe was interviewing potential candidates and one of them mentioned that he wanted to join TOPCOAT after watching Suda in 3 Nen A Gumi.

It was an enlightening documentary to us, and we hope that you can appreciate how TOPCOAT is supportive to its artistes by allowing them to take their own pace when things weren’t going well and being their second ‘home’. We were touched by Nakamura Tomoya’s story!

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