Shabekuri 007

Suda Masaki and Kiritani Kenta appeared on Shabekuri 007 a month ago to promote 『Hibana』. This is Suda’s fourth appearance on this variety show. Interesting moments include:

♦ A shocked staff who couldn’t believe that Suda could have 8 hours of sleep almost every day despite his hectic schedule.


♦ Their nonchalant entrance.


♦ Oni-chan (his character in the au by KDDI commercials) was more popular than Suda.


♦ Suda and his alleged nose job.


♦ Suda hoping to get married at around 30 years old with someone who would laugh a lot.


♦ Challenging the hosts. Suda participated in the first game where he would watch a skit, hold his laughter and keep the water in his mouth as long as possible. He also participated in the third game which was none other than the bra unhooking game again =D


(password hint: the url of the homepage)

8 thoughts on “Shabekuri 007

  1. He literally has the best straight nose in the world. Even though I followed him for years, I sometimes still found myself amazed when looking at his new pictures showing his best feature, the nose.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing ^^
    I was looking for this ep..
    May I ask if you have the previous eps that Suda appeared in?

  3. I’ve been trying to find a link of this for a long time! but the password isnt working i typed in the url but i guess its wrong help please!!

  4. Hey there, I’m kind of new and I have no idea how to watch these episodes. Can someone explain it to me? I searched everywhere to find Shabekuri 007 episodes with Suda Masaki, but I can’t find it. I already downloaded the App “Mega” but I can’t see the episode.
    I would be really very very thankful.

    1. It is not possible to stream it as we have zipped the file. Please download, unzip and watch it on a media player.

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