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NHK has a special programme where interested artistes are free to do things that they have always wanted to do on TV with an 1-hour slot on its channel. It began with a live talk with an unseen emcee where Suda Masaki said that he had always wanted to challenge a American sitcom like Friends (by the way, American sitcoms broadcast in Japan are dubbed in Japanese). The show continued to reveal the conceptualisation of Suda’s American sitcom before the actual skit. He was very satisfied after watching it.

Interesting moments include:

  • During the making, Suda had to wear a mask for most of the time as he said that his teeth was ‘bad’. Viewers could send their questions/comments to the show and a ‘concerned’ viewer asked why his teeth were ‘bad’. He retorted that it had nothing to do with the show and explained that he needed to remove his wisdom/molar teeth due to misalignment ♫
  • Suda was embarrassed that he had to read superlatives out loud to describe the show. He clarified that it was the staff who wrote them.
  • Time was running out but Suda still had a few topics to go through so NHK gave him another 15 minutes…by sacrificing other shows on that day. He was appalled. When NHK tried to extend by another 15 minutes, he was quick to reject the offer ♬

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One more month to Suda’s 26th birthday!

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