2-shot of Suda with Sasaki Nozomi

Sasaki Nozomi posted a photo of her with Suda Masaki on her blog. They are from the same entertainment company, and likely to have met recently while filming 『The Last Cop』 and 『Jimi ni Sugoi!』. She certainly doesn’t look 4 to 5 years older than him…


2 thoughts on “2-shot of Suda with Sasaki Nozomi

  1. Masaki is always surrounded by beautiful women lol It’s hard to believe he is single haha I’ve read somewhere that the type of girl he likes is someone similar to Cleopatra lol Has it changed or is it the same? I’ve always wondered lol Thanks for the update

    1. Suda has too many interviews that I’ve already lost track of them =D Didn’t notice any mention of ideal types in recent articles though.

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