『Teiichi no Kuni』 NG Scenes

Only those with Suda Masaki. Watermarked.

NG Scene 1 – Kikuma, it’s not good to talk like that. Nomura Shuhei loves touching Shison Jun. The latter is like everyone’s pet =D

NG Scene 2 – You are funny <Teiichi’s funny faces>. Even Takeuchi Ryoma and Shison can’t take it.

NG Scene 3 – I will make you feel good now. Nomura loves touching Suda too…so much so that Takeuchi can’t keep his straight face.

NG Scene 4 – Teiichi and a pigeon. Who wants to be that pigeon now?
(password hint: the name of the youngest actor in Team 『Teiichi』 (format: lowercase, no spacing), followed by the movie’s release date (format: yyyymmdd))

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2 thoughts on “『Teiichi no Kuni』 NG Scenes

  1. Hello! Sorry for the bother, but I can’t seem to guess this particular password correctly. I did get the passwords for the other Teiichi videos, but I’m wondering if I’m typing this one wrong? I’ve typed out the actor’s name in all possible ways (given name first etc.) and then went ahead and typed out the rest of Team Teiichi’s names just in case my info was wrong. But still no dice.

    Just for qualification, this is the actor whose birthday is on 1995 right? What am I doing wrong

    1. Yup it is him. His surname followed by his given name (9-letter) followed by the movie’s release date (8-digit) should work =)

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