Tokyo Girls Collection 2017 Autumn / Winter

Suda Masaki was one of the secret guests for Tokyo Girl Collection held on 2 Sep 2017. Because he was a secret guest, a foreign bodyguard didn’t recognise him and questioned if he was a model.

Suda: Hmmm. YES.

Despite that, he knew that he was too short to be a model =D

He sang Mita Koto mo Nai Keishiki and Kokyuu. Looks like he could sing better (or more confidently) without having to multitask (playing a guitar). He knew Mamiya Shotaro was present at the event but didn’t quite know that Takeuchi Ryoma and Shison Jun were around too until fangirls screamed their names / showed him their uchiwas.

4 thoughts on “Tokyo Girls Collection 2017 Autumn / Winter

  1. The talk part is so funny ?
    The one when he said that he was being stopped by the bodyguard made me laugh so hard XD

    Also the complete version of that story on ANN is so funny too XD

    Oh and I agree with you! He really did sang better at this event! His voice sounded more stable than when he did a performance on Mste. I wish there will be video with a better audio version ?

        1. Lucky for him the bodyguard was friendlier than he looked =D

          In the meantime, we can look forward to seeing him in Jimi ni Sugoi! DX and Naotora soon~

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