Tweet Posted on 21 Dec 2017 8:28pm


Originally I was just a fan, now the two of us could poke around the same hotpot, vent our frustrations on the same bed and wreck the carpet, I spent the summer completing the song with Ishizaki Huwie-kun whom I had become friends with. I will sing 「Sayonara Elegy」 which is the theme song of NTV drama 「Todome no Kiss」. Everyone, please support us.

2 thoughts on “Tweet Posted on 21 Dec 2017 8:28pm

  1. I can’t wait for this!! I really love Suda’s singing! Thank you so much for the translation. He’s so lovely xD

    Can you translate about the drama too ? because Suda’s role seems to be mysteriously important too,
    seeing from the chart but I don’t know what the title above his picture says.. something story&musician.. (i can’t read kanji) is it story teller? and the caption in each character’s image in the website..
    Thank you in advance

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