『dele』 OST

source: good samaritans

The subbed episodes are already available [here] so we wouldn’t be sharing the raws. Instead, we bring you something for your listening pleasure =)
(password: sum of his birthday & the ost‘s release date.)

1. Lost Memory
2. Pretend / The Mints
3. Hashing
4. Transaction
5. With a Little Luck
6. Carry That Weight
7. Slide Through
8. Sign In
9. Dark Web
10. WannaCry
11. 403 Forbidden
12. Crossroads
13. Key Plate
14. Keep Silence
15. Cyan
16. Walled
17. Creep Down
18. Yellow
19. Dive Deeply
20. Incident
21. Suspicion
22. Magenta
23. If You Take Anything

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  1. Hey I’ve tried just about everything for the password per instructions and I’m still getting it wrong. Could you clarify what you mean when you say the “Sum” of someones birthday?

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