LINELIVE & TV Reports on 『Hibana』 Setting the Fireworks Talk & Special Event

Suda Masaki, Kiritani Kenta, Kawatani Shuuji and Miura Masaki attended 『Hibana』’s special event held on 20 Nov 2017 at TOHO Cinemas Skara. It was a showdown between Sparks (Suda and Kawatani’s comedy duo) and Ahondara (Kiritani and Miura’s comedy duo). The detailed report can be found [here].

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Also found some TV reports for those who are interested.

Mezamashi 1
Mezamashi 2 (Suda’s video message) – Kawatani didn’t want to return to his comedy partner and wanted to continue activities with Sparks. However, Suda urged Kawatani to return.

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