『Kiseki -Sobito Of That Day-』 Making

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Over an hour’s worth of droolicious stuff
Decryption Key: !Yc4H7m7o-IlJHQTIazuDxiVOqbJeE28bBRSWih0TWGw
(password: his birthday + Matsuzaka Tori’s birthday + 『Kiseki』 BD/DVD release date (format: yyyymmdd))

3 thoughts on “『Kiseki -Sobito Of That Day-』 Making

  1. I think I’ve tried every possible combination of 19930221 + 19881017 + 20170704! Tried it without the zeroes on single digits. Tried it with the months in words. Tried it as the sum. Tried it as ddmmyyyy. Help? 🙂

  2. heeeelp i’ve tried every combination of the password i can think of: 199302211988101720170704. Tried it without the zeroes. tried it with the months in words. tried the sum. tried it with ddmmyyyy and mmddyyyy. am i missing something?

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