It has been 3 months since the release, and we believe that most of you would have gotten your hands on a copy (cough, or from other sources). Nevertheless, [here] is for those who are still undecided about Suda Masaki’s music. Enjoy the songs, and please support him (sales and viewership) if you can!
(password hint: sum of his birthday and its release date (format: yyyymmdd))

1. Machigai Sagashi
2. Clover
3. Long Hope・Philia
4. 7.1oz
5. Dorasu
6. Tsumoru Hanashi
7. Kisu Dakede feat. AIMYON
8. Ribingudeddo
10. Aitsu to Sonoko
11. Baby

Below are the relevant music videos:

Machigai Sagashi

Long Hope・Philia

Kisu Dakede feat. AIMYON

Let us know your thoughts!