TGIF #14 – 『Uchiage Hanabi』 TV Appearances

It is always hard to come across decent quality of TV appearances so I rarely share them. TGIF!

Suda Masaki auditioned for the role of Shimada Norimichi by sending his voice recording to the staff 3 years ago! This movie was actually decided before 『Kimi no Na wa』 was made. Producer Kawamura Genki found Suda’s voice suitable and decided on him but he didn’t expect Suda to be so popular 3 years later =D

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Suda, together with Hirose Suzu and Miyano Mamoru, got to watch the fireworks live. The female host complimented Suda’s yukata. She also asked Suda what Suzu’s charm point was.

Suda: “Now? The nape/sides of the neck. Because it is partially hidden.”
Suzu: “I don’t understand. It is a part that I don’t really want to show.”
Suda: “Guys always want to see what girls don’t want to show.”
Suzu: “Uwaa~!”

Bleah, Suzu is only 19 years old okay? (In Japan, you are an adult only at 20) During the event, Suda couldn’t stop mentioning how sexy her voice was as Nazuna.

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A clearer report of them watching the fireworks but the owner added a logo to the video. Suda’s ideal hanabi date was to wear his Kamen Rider mask while his date would wear an enemy’s mask, and they would be an odd couple who would start battling while everyone was enjoying the festival.

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